Registration for 2023-24 is open! You can register on our website or call 828-687-8381.

Love, Learn, Live in Christ

At Nativity Preschool & Kindergarten your children will develop the joy of learning and a sense of community while having FUN!

This is a BIG deal!

You think it might be time for preschool your curious child is ready to enter the world but how? How does this whole school thing work?


That’s why we are here—to help your child grow in every way and help parents along this important journey!

Nativity has been so much more than just a preschool and kindergarten for our children; it has become our second home. A place where we have always felt welcome to come as we are and a place where our children have grown and thrived and left ready to be a part of the world. We are so grateful for our years of school here!


The Roberts Family

You’ll love our classes!


Our half day program is for little ones ages 15 months to 5 years.

2-5 days/wk

We have several program options depending on your child’s age.

Come see us!

Smiling faces, hands-on activities and much more!

Each one unique.

Our school is a place where our students can be free to explore and learn at a level that is just right for them. Building a strong foundation for life — spiritual, cognitive and social.

In over 35 years of operation, we’ve learned that each child is amazingly complex and extraordinarily beautiful — and each one is unique.


We care about the nuanced experience a child goes through as they learn to become independent. Through play and experiential learning, we let that process happen naturally—and we’re right there to guide them as they explore new thoughts and emotions.

Love, learn, grow.

Faith Formation

Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten is built on Christ-centered faith development.  Our program recognizes children’s needs and provides a loving, Christian atmosphere that teaches that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Friend.