Faith Formation

All Ages | Mon/Wed/Thurs

Ms. Susie

We love, learn and live in Christ!


Every Thursday morning, the entire school gathers in Christ’s name in the Sanctuary. Voices fill the air with praises and songs, God’s word is shared through Bible stories, and children have the opportunity to give an offering to God. The 4 year olds and Kindergarten children all take turns leading the school song, helping with the chapel box, lighting the candles on the altar, and helping with the offering. The offerings that are collected go to help people in need, both locally and globally. There is joy in giving back to God in everything we do! It is a big part of who we are here at NPK and is the first of our core values: “NPK is built on Christ-centered Faith Development.”

There is also Chapel for the Monday/Wednesday toddler’s and 2’s.

Faith Formation Classes

Once a week, each of the 4-year-old classes and Kindergarten class get a 10-15 minute Lesson on the Bible story that was shared in Chapel. The lesson brings the Bible story alive! They learn even more about the love of Jesus through games, activities, and repetition. There is also a monthly Bible Verse that the children learn and share with the others in Chapel at the end of the month. We plan to add the 2’s and 3’s classes to our faith formation schedule for the 2018-19 year.

Our Teacher


Susie Heath

My name is Susie Heath. I love teaching children about God, Faith, and the love of Jesus. I have a background in youth and family ministry (Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies: Christian Education) as well as being a Camp Counselor/Area Director at Lutheridge. I have been a teacher at Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten for 4 years (Shining Stars…3-year olds), until this year where I have had the most amazing opportunity to teach Faith Formation!! Every night, I think about my “God Moments” and they are always about the conversations I have with the students. They are so profound and deep that it always reminds me to have a “childlike” faith. Thank you for blessing me with your children.