Little Explorers

Pre-K | Mon—Fri

Ms. Ruth & Ms. Susie

Our focus is on building a strong foundation for success by helping our students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Classroom Philosophy

Children this age are ready and eager to learn so many things. They absorb language at an amazing rate and are rapidly developing socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually. Our classroom uses a variety of learning centers in which children learn though hands-on games and activities. In addition, daily group times allow for instruction, discussion, songs, and stories. Because developmental levels can vary greatly among children at this age, we differentiate instruction to allow each student to progress at a rate appropriate to his or her level. Daily prayer and devotions reinforce Christian values and remind children that they are created by and loved by God.  

Daily Schedule


Learning Centers

Clean-Up, Bathroom

Morning Group Time

Learning Centers

Clean-Up, Bathroom


Independent Book Time

Playground or Playroom

Afternoon Group Time


Centers & Group Time

Centers include: arts and crafts, book nook, building blocks, manipulatives, sensory table, play dough, easel, puzzles, writing, dramatic play (kitchen, dress-up, puppets), and math/science.

Group times include: discussion of the week’s theme, letter of the week, daily helpers, daily and weekly schedule, the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, weather, books and songs, the Fruits of the Spirit, and show and tell.

Our Teachers

Ruth McBrayer

Hello, my name is Ruth McBrayer. I grew up and lived in Hendersonville until I got the travel bug. For many years I lived in different countries teaching English to non-native speakers. Teaching Kindergarten in the U.A.E. was the most enjoyable experience.  We returned from living abroad in 2020 to be closer to family.  I taught at Hahn’s Gymnastics preschool in 2021 and then transitioned to Nativity. My husband, 8 year old son and I call Fletcher home. I look forward to helping your child flourish and thrive in school and life.

Susie Heath

My name is Susie Heath. I love teaching children about God, Faith, and the love of Jesus. I have a background in youth and family ministry (Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies: Christian Education) as well as being a Camp Counselor/Area Director at Lutheridge. I have been a teacher at Nativity Preschool and Kindergarten for several years. Every night, I think about my “God Moments” and they are always about the conversations I have with the students. They are so profound and deep that it always reminds me to have a “childlike” faith. Thank you for blessing me with your children.